Please make sure payment is made by 5:00 p.m., Thursday, January 3, 2013 for your Spring and Spring I registrations or schedule changes. If you have financial aid or are funded by a third party, please verify your balance is -0- by reviewing your "ACCOUNT STATUS".                                                                              


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Welcome to Vernon Colleges' portal.
The portal is a new web interface for students, staff, and faculty.
Students- you can now use the portal to register for classes, lookup grades, pay your bill, etc just like you could do with what use to be Campus Connect. When you first login using your studentid and PIN issued by the admissions office, you will see several tabs available to you. One of them will be called "Campus Connect" which will be just like the old version except much more user friendly.

Information for Staff and Faculty

Instruction on how to login into the Portal
(The login box is located just below the Vernon College logo at the top of this page).
Username- this is the same username you use for email or your login to the computer at VC.
Password- this is the same password you use for email or your login to the computer at VC.